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Business Report

A Good Employee provides business reports to help companies in their business to business relationships and decisions. Companies are often blindsided by customers, suppliers, or partners that aren’t able to make payments or end up going bankrupt. Our reports give you access to information about your customers, suppliers, competitors, and suppliers so you can make informed business decisions. You’ll know whether these companies are at a low or high risk of failure.

A Good Employee business reports come in an easy to read format and include comprehensive information you may not know about a business. Reports include:

  • Risk Rating: We use a scoring model that will measure a company’s riskiness. It tells you how likely a company is to perform on their payments within the next 12 months.
  • DBT (Days Beyond Terms): This analysis tells you whether a company pays suppliers and if they pay on time compared with other companies in their industry.
  • Trade Payment Data: Payment records are studied to give you a summary of how the company makes invoice payments.
  • Legal Filings: Shows you if the company has tax liens, judgments, and/or bankruptcies.
  • Company Structure: Learn about the company’s hierarchical structure, officer names, and parent companies, subsidiaries, and branches globally.
  • Financial Data: Uncover income statement and balance sheet information.
  • Company Information: Business Type, Address, Number of Employees, Primary SIC Code
  • Other Information: Industry Classification, Years in Business, Annual Sales Amount, Location Type
  • Possible OFAC: Find out if the business has been sanctioned by the US government.

Use our business searches to gain valuable insight about companies and the people associated with them. A Good Employee’s business credit reports aggregate and summarize key information to help protect you from poor business decisions. We provide all this rich data in an easy to read format so you can easily spot red flags. This report will provide you with the confidence you need to conduct business with another company.

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