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(Also included in all background check packages)

A previous address history lookup and social security number search are included in all pre-employment screening services as a preliminary verification of the job candidate’s identity. We search numerous databases to create a report that lists a previous address history and first and last name variations. The dates are reflective of when that database was updated and the data comes from several hundred databases such as USPS, NCOA, and credit bureaus.

Previous Address History

The pre-employment screening report returns back the following

  • Any address associated with the SSN input
  • Reporting time period at the address
  • County the address is located in
  • Phone number at the address location
  • All names/aliases associated with the SSN

By comparing the social security number to the person’s previous address history, we can help verify that the social security number is attributed to the job candidate being evaluated. Our previous address lookup provides all information that comes up in our search and flags any discrepancies.

When no records are found on a previous address history search, this could indicate that the applicant is a young individual or recently issued social security number for a brand new citizen. Otherwise, a no record result on previous address lookup should be a red flag indicator that could mean an incorrect or fake social security number was provided on the job application. This is an especially important search considering that identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates nearly 9 million Americans have had their identities stolen within the last year.

By better knowing where your applicant has lived, you can also assess the accuracy of the other background check employment verifications. For example, instant criminal checks produce a list of all records that match the candidate’s name and/or date of birth. In instances in which there may be multiple people with the same name and date of birth, the previous address history search is used to eliminate any false positives in the criminal check.

The address history search is one of many pre-employment screening services that will confirm your candidate’s identity.

How to use the previous address history report:

  • Employee identity verification
  • If you find a criminal record for your candidate, you can use a previous address history lookup to verify that the criminal record matches the date and location of where the applicant lived.
  • Identify any additional alias names associated with the candidate that may help make a background screening more accurate.
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