Resume Verification

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Many job applicants and employees provide false education history, credentials, and employment history to appear more qualified. Unfortunately, companies may rely on this false information to provide compensation packages, promotions, and job responsibilities. Offering these benefits to an unqualified individual could waste time and money on training, negatively affect your company productivity, and increase your turnover rate. The best way to prevent these problems is to perform a full resume verification with A Good Employee’s thorough background checks to confirm work experience and education before making a hiring decision

Education Verification (Included in Value and Premier Packages)

Resume VerificationA Good Employee’s comprehensive education verification helps prevent negligent hiring of unqualified individuals. Our education checks verify the institution, GPA, and degree of the job applicant and are usually returned within one to two days. Upon request, A Good Employee can also verify professional certificates in over 100 industries. Click here to view a full list of professional certification databases we can access.

Check Previous Employment History

(Included in Value and Premier Packages)

We also provide a thorough past employment profile to help you detect exaggerated or false claims about employment history. Previous employment verification can be customized to meet your needs or you can select our standard education verification that checks:

  • Name and Social Security Number
  • Employment Dates
  • Position
  • Compensation
  • Rehire Status

Check References (Included in Premier Package)

It is also crucial to conduct an in depth reference check to ensure that a candidate has a positive reputation among previous employers and acquaintances. Their past experiences are often a reflection of what their work habits might be like if they work for your company. can call references on your behalf and ask a series of efficient questions that help verify your job candidate’s reputation. Questions can be customized upon request and the entire process takes 2-5 business days.

Checking references, education, experience and credentials thoroughly is a matter of ensuring competency and integrity in your workplace. Prevent a hiring mistake by accepting a qualified individual that has the skills needed to properly fulfill their future job role. Contact A Good Employee today!

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