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Instant Criminal ReportsA Good Employee provides instant searches in statewide criminal databases so you can identify any red flags right away. This is a broad search that serves as a great preliminary check for criminal history. Crimes that are a violation of state law may include robbery, assault, murder, crimes against minors, many drug-related crimes, state tax violations, traffic violations, and more.

As an FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant company, your instant criminal background checks for employment will include a 7-year history of felonies and misdemeanors available in a specified state database. Our nationwide searches check instant databases in all 50 states.

Criminal Data Sources and Updates

Even though this search covers a greater area geographically than a county court search, criminal record information available at the state level is reliant upon updates provided by local law enforcement and county courts. There are some jurisdictions that may take longer to provide these updates due to lack of manpower or local privacy laws. This is why we recommend also running a manual county court search, which may reveal criminal records that have not yet been updated to the state database.

Keep in mind felonies and misdemeanors may be classified differently due to variances in state law. Criminal background checks for employment also vary from state to state due to local privacy laws and timeliness of updating.

To find out more about what statewide criminal and sex offender data is available and how often the data is updated in your state, download our Instant Search Guide. Call us to find out how you can get free criminal background checks for employment.

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We know¬†finding the right background check provider is not always easy, so we’re offering our first-time clients a free criminal background check to test out our system. To get your free report, register on our website at no cost and then contact us to get a free background check credited to your account.

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