Sex Offender Search

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Sex Offender SearchA Good Employee implements an instant sex offender search that covers all 50 states, US Territories, and US Native American Tribes. “Megan’s Law” established in 1996 requires states to maintain a public website that lists sex offenders in their state. A Good Employee’s report saves company time by instantly searching every sex offender database available. The report identifies high risk offenders, their name, physical description, address, crime, and crime location.

The sex offender search allows organizations to prevent hiring an employee that could be harmful to customers. If the future employee will be working with children, the elderly or the disabled it is crucial to perform a nationwide sex offender search to ensure a safe environment. The search also helps reduce the risk of negative publicity by uncovering candidates that have a troubled background. Make a confident decision about your new employee and ensure they are a good fit for your organization.

Please note, several states require employers to notify applicants that they will be checking the sex offender registry. Usually employers already include this notification in the job application as part of FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) requirements. Each state also has its own laws that determine who is required to register in the sex offender database and what information is made available. To see a full list of what is included in every state’s sex offender database click here.

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