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State Criminal Records Search

Criminal records in the US are stored at the county, state, and federal level. Unfortunately, there is no one database that can search all levels at once. An instant online nationwide criminal search probably comes the closest to aggregating data from all databases, but this data is incomplete because not all courts post criminal records online. We recommend performing a search that is specifically at the state level to ensure you have access to all criminal records in the state’s database. In some cases, state criminal searches will provide more information or records that are not available in the instant nationwide database.

How does the state criminal records search work?

Counties, police, and other law enforcement agencies provide criminal records to the state’s central repository (database). Although all states have a central database to track known criminals, not all states release criminal records instantly and the data recorded varies by state. Some states require a notarized release or have an extremely slow turnaround time.

A Good Employee has identified the states that have the easiest and most comprehensive database access. We offer state searches in only those states. Typically these states take 2-5 business days to release criminal records, the records have been updated within the last 4 weeks, and the records include felony and misdemeanor conviction.

The following states are NOT available:

California Nevada Wyoming
Louisiana Massachusetts Ohio
Vermont West Virginia The Islands:
Guam Puerto Rico Virgin Islands

The following states are $29.95:

Alabama Alaska Arizona
Colorado Idaho Iowa
Maryland Michigan Minnesota
Nebraska New Mexico North Carolina
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island

The following states are $39.95:

Connecticut Delaware Washington DC
Georgia Hawaii Illinois
Montana Mississippi MT
New Jersey Texas Virginia
Washington Wisconsin

The following states are $49.95:

Arkansas Florida Indiana
Kansas Kentucky Maine
North Dakota New Hampshire Oklahoma
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
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