Benefits of Pre-Employment Screening


The Benefits of Pre-employment Screening

53% of job applicants provide inaccurate information. It’s no surprise that more than two-thirds of companies run background checks to catch white lies and uncover criminal history. Make sure you’re hiring a good employee.

  • Hire Qualified Individuals
  • Secure Workplace Safety
  • Protect Your Company From Negligent Hiring
  • Encourage a Drug-Free Workplace

Hire Qualified Individuals

The main benefit of pre-employment screening is to ensure that the individual you hire is trustworthy. Many applicants make false statements on their job application or resume to give themselves a competitive advantage. Commonly falsified statements are usually related to education or previous employers. Employment history fraud may include false lengths of employment, inaccurate reasons for departure and fake job titles/responsibilities at companies that do not exist. Some applicants may also include degrees or certifications that were never completed.

For the employer, this can translate into hiring an individual that lacks experience and skills to successfully perform job tasks, leading to high turnover rates and a poor company image. A Good Employee background checks verify an applicant’s degree, GPA, employment history and references to help you hire qualified individuals.

We check references by calling and asking previous employers a serious of questions about the job applicant’s qualities. This type of reporting is known as an investigative consumer report and is the most comprehensive way to check a person’s experience or reputation.

Hiring a qualified employee reduces the hefty cost of turnover. Don’t waste time on employee training, benefits, and pay, ensure you hire a good employee first by performing a background check.

Secure Workplace Safety

Protect your company from workplace violence and theft by checking criminal background history on applicants and employees on a regular basis. A Good Employee reports are comprehensive and can include searches through county, state, and federal databases to catch any past offense committed in the last seven years. To learn more about how to use properly use criminal history to make a hiring decision, read this article provided by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

Protect Your Company from Negligent Hiring

Employers are liable for what is known and not known about their employees. This means employers can be held responsible if they do not engage in due diligence to properly screen their workers. This is especially important for high risk positions that involve interaction with children or valuables. Positions that require driving should also be accompanied by a driving record investigation which can be ordered as on

Encourage a Drug Free Workplace

Alcohol and drug abuse can create a significant safety threat in the workplace and can result in lower employee productivity. Implementing a clear and consistent drug testing policy within the workplace deters employees from abusing alcohol and drugs and helps companies hire responsible applicants. The benefits of pre-employment screening are clear. Make sure you screen employees with the right consumer reporting agency.

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