Background Checks = Lower Company Risk

Background Checks = Lower Company Risk

Employee Background CheckYou’ve just started to review a job applicant and everything seems great on paper. They have the perfect amount of experience, a degree, and they come across as an honest and friendly individual. Should this be all the information you need to start making a job offer? If you think you can tell when someone is lying or that you have a good judge of character, think again. Statistics suggest a surprising amount of job candidates lie on their resumes and may hide a criminal background that could later affect your company. A background check, when used correctly, can give you an inside look into who the person is, before they are hired.

With a reliable background check, you can confirm with certainty that the candidate has not embellished details on their resume to look like a better candidate. Employee Background Checks will tell you more about work history, school attendance, GPA, degree, criminal history, drug use, and reputation. This is information you would not be able to fully confirm without the aid of a background check.

What’s the Risk?

There are plenty of risks involved with hiring a new employee. The risk involved with hiring a criminal is obvious. Workplace violence and theft has increased in recent years and has endangered company finances and other employees. The Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics conducted a study from 1993 -2009 indicating that on average more than 572,000 crimes occurred in the workplace every year. Companies are also often victims of employee theft which over time can stunt company growth.

In addition, companies invest countless hours and money to fully pay for and train employees. High turnover rates are costly and can be prevented in part by truly investigating an individual’s qualifications. Background checks ensure you are hiring the right candidate for the job.

How should you get a background check?

Conducting background screening checks with a professional third party service is the safest, most cost effective, and thorough way to conduct a check. These companies are fully aware of employment laws that affect background screening. A good background screening company will keep you aware of what you need to do to be fully compliant with the FCRA to. You’ll also save time by leaving the researching up to the experts, which have special access to databases of information. They neatly package and send you all the relevant information you need to make a decision within a couple days.

Don’t make a hiring mistake, make a confident hiring decision by ordering a background check.

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