Step-by-Step Guide for Screening Employees

Step-by-Step Guide for Screening Employees

Background screening solutions reduce the risk of a bad hire and ensure that a business successfully counters a range of threats, including fraud, terrorism, and reputational risk. Pre-employment screening also ensures that you confirm the identity of your employees before hiring, helping you to make smart hiring decisions every time.

Guide for Screening Employees

How to make sure you have hired the right person

Whether you are a small business or an international corporation, hiring smart is essential to the growth and expansion of your business. Outsourcing background checks can help you make an informed decision and deter the wrong people. Developing a pre-employment screening policy, which is compatible with the risk-profile of your company, can help you select the correct employees and avoid incompatible applicants.

Structuring the pre-employment screening process

Application form:  The application form is a standardized document wherein the applicant provides all the relevant information and confirms that the information provided is accurate and correct. An application form is your calling card, allowing you to customize questions depending upon the post. To make things clear, state in the application form that all new employees are subject to employee background check. Not only is this legally required, it also discourages the applicant from providing wrong information, saving you both time.

Comprehensive strategy: Implementing a thorough employee background check for every job position will minimize the risk of hiring a bad employee. Be sure to check all aspects of the applicant’s history including previous employment, education, criminal records, and identity.

Hire professionals: It is important to hire an experienced consumer report agency to carry on various checks such as employee criminal background checks, identity verifications, employment and education verifications, and other vital tests.

The complexities and logistics involved in the collection and usage of data about potential employees require technical know-how and skills, which only a reputable background screening firm can provide. A screening firm can help you bring clarity, congruence, and consistency to the entire process that is seldom brought by an in-house team.

Make the process consistent: Make the process of employee background checking consistent and mandatory for everyone, to avoid any discrimination. It also ensures that all the employees undergo a stringent check, allowing you to choose the most reliable applicants, regardless of whether they have applied through a trusted employment agency or are referred by existing employees. It is important that your employees realize the importance of an employee background check to safeguard your staff and customer’s reputation.

In addition to having a comprehensive screening process, your background screening solution should also determine how you deal with the results of the test, especially when the reports reveal adverse information.

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