Employee Drug Screening

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A Good Employee offers comprehensive drug testing to fulfill your screening policy needs and meet government regulations. Our solutions can be implemented before employment is offered to a job candidate and for post-employment checks. Our drug screening can be integrated with any employee background screening package or as an a la carte report for post-employment drug screening services.

Due to the many options available for drug screening, we advise speaking with an AGoodEmployee.com consultant to create a custom screening option for your company. Once we identify your needs and location, you can select from thousands of collection sites available through our provider network.

Why should your company screen employees?

Drug SreeningAlthough private companies aren’t required to perform employee drug tests, The Society for Human Resource Management, estimates that 84 percent of private employers conduct pre-employment testing and 39 percent conduct random employee drug screening. Substance abuse in and outside of the workplace can negatively affect workplace health and productivity. Drug tests help to discourage substance abuse and help identify substance abuse problems within the workplace.

In certain industries, substance abuse on the job creates serious hazards that put the safety of coworkers and the public at risk. In order to minimize the possibility of negligent hiring and workplace hazards, many companies implement drug screening programs for new hires and also check on current employees on a regular basis.

Drug Testing Guidelines for Employers

Private employers are able to conduct custom employee drug tests to fit their specific needs, but may benefit from referring to guidelines outlined in SAMHSA’s Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing. The guidelines include labs certified by SAMHSA and standard testing protocol for federal drug tests.

Types of Drug Testing

The most common type of employee drug screening is done through urinalysis and then the sample is sent to a laboratory that tests the sample for traces of substances specified by the employer. There are also other methods of drug testing such as saliva, hair, and breath testing. Most of the time employers will opt to have a five panel or ten panel test to check the most commonly abused drugs.

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