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Due to the widespread of global terrorism, it has become essential to check that every applicant is allowed to do business in the United States. Our access to millions of terrorist and most wanted records is an essential step towards promoting workplace safety and complying with the US Patriot Act. The following searches are part of the OFAC/Terrorist and Federal search included in the Plus, Value, and Premier packages:

OFAC, Federal and Terrorist SearchOFAC Screening Services

We check the Specially Designated Nationals (“SDN”) and Blocked Persons list maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

OFAC’s main purpose is to enforce economic sanctions to interfere with the flow of criminal funds. The SDN and Blocked Persons list is OFAC’s dataset of individuals, such as terrorists and international narcotics traffickers, who are not permitted to do business in the US. The list includes information about the person’s name, city, and country. The SDN dataset does not contain date of birth, so an OFAC screening, terrorist search alone may make it difficult to identify a match with complete certainty. However, it does identify any possible matches that can be further looked into before making a hiring decision.

Health & Human Services Exclusions List

The OIG under Congressional Mandate, established a program to exclude individuals and entities that cannot participate in federally funded health care programs. Basis for exclusion includes:

  • Convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse
  • Licensing board actions
  • Default on Health Education Assistance Loans

Interpol Most Wanted

The persons concerned are wanted by national jurisdictions (or the International Criminal Tribunals, where appropriate) and Interpol’s role is to assist the national police forces in identifying or locating those persons with a view to their arrest and extradition.

These red notices allow the warrant to be circulated worldwide with the request that the wanted person be arrested with a view to extradition. A distinction is drawn between two types of red notice: the first type is based on an arrest warrant and is issued for a person wanted for prosecution; the second type is based on a court decision for a person wanted to serve a sentence. This database includes DOB’s and photos.

Denied Persons List

This dataset includes data from the U.S. Department of Commerce on persons whose export privileges are denied by federal written order. This database is checked by name only.

Office of Thrift Supervision, Terrorist Watch List

The Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) is the primary regulator of all federally chartered and many state-chartered thrift institutions. The OTS enforcement actions list is a directory of actions levied against institution-affiliated parties, officers, directors and controlling shareholders of such entities and others. This database does not include DOB’s or photos (name match only).

OCC Enforcement Actions List

Administrator of National Banks, OCC supervises the following and has statutory authority to take enforcement actions against them: national banks, Federal branches/agencies of foreign banks, institution affiliated parties (IAP’s) including: a. officers, directors and employees, b. bank’s controlling stockholders, agents, and certain other individuals. Generally, they may take formal enforcement actions against above entities for violations of law, rules or regulations, unsafe or unsound practices, violations of final orders, violations of conditions imposed in writing, and for IAP’s breaches of fiduciary duty. This data reports back to 1989 when it became public. This database includes DOB’s.

The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) Terrorist Knowledge Base

This dataset offers in-depth information on terrorist incidents, groups, and trials, leaders and members. This database includes photos and does NOT contain DOB’s.

Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) List (Update Frequency: Monthly)

These are individuals that are Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members who were elected on the party slate of an FTO, SDT or SDGT. This data is another piece of OFAC; this database includes DOB’s.

Federal Bureau of Investigations Search

Each FBI dataset contains Full name, DOB, Place of Birth, Height, Weight, NCIC #, Offenses etc.

  • Violent Crimes
  • Crimes against Children
  • Criminal Enterprise
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Violent Murders
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Most Wanted Terrorists

Most Wanted Search

  • FBI Top 10 Most Wanted
  • FBI Most Wanted
  • US Marshal’s Most Wanted
  • Mississippi Department of Public Safety Most Wanted
  • Kansas Most Wanted
  • Texas Most Wanted
  • DEA-Most Wanted
  • ATF-Most Wanted
  • United States Secret Service Most Wanted
  • United States Postal Service Most Wanted
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