Employment Verification

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The employment verification process takes the information about one or more employers as provided on a subject’s application or resume and verifies the accuracy by directly contacting those employers.

Why order an employment verification check?

Human resource managers know there are applicants that embellish their resume to make a better impression and increase the chance of being hired. Nearly every employer takes the experience gained in past jobs into account when deciding which person to hire. Changing start and end dates, job titles, and job responsibilities can only truly be verified by conducting an employment verification.

Unfortunately, hiring someone who doesn’t have the skills required for the job can make your company look bad and cost you money in wasted training and salary. To prevent hiring people that are unqualified, you can easily add an employment verification to your background check order.

How long does it take to process an employment verification check?

Contrary to popular belief there is no central online database that has employment information for every employed individual. A Good Employee’s trained staff contacts the applicant’s previous or current employer by phone within 24 business hours of placing your order.

Some companies may require additional documentation, such as a signed authorization from the applicant, before they will release any information for the employee verification. If this is needed we will contact you to obtain the job application or signed authorization and make sure it gets to the employer.

If we are unable to contact the employer on the first attempt, we will continue to contact the employer once a day every day for 5 business days to complete the employment verification. We do this part of the process for you so you can spend less time hunting down answers and more time analyzing results.

The information we compare and verify with the employer includes:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Employment Dates
  • Position
  • Compensation
  • Rehire Status
  • Pay Increases
  • Timeliness
  • Substance Abuse
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