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A Good Employee – Why Choose Us

Identity Verification

Know exactly who you are hiring. Checking for social security number fraud and verifying a job applicant’s current and past addresses is an integral part of background screening.
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County, Statewide, National Criminal Search

A thorough criminal background check is crucial for workplace safety. We run instant and repository criminal searches at the county, state, and federal level.
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Sex Offender Search

We use a nationwide database that captures more information than a criminal county search alone. Help to maintain a safe workplace and create a safe environment for customers.
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Employment Verification

Save time verifying employment dates, previous job title, salary information, and rehire status with our employee background checks. We contact previous employers or authorized agents for you and call references to provide a complete resume check.
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Education Verification

Education is one of the most commonly falsified items on a resume. Stay alert and check school attendance, graduation date, degree, and GPA to make sure you are hiring a qualified individual.
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Drug Screening

A drug-free workplace has an overwhelming positive effect on overall environment and employee productivity. We provide custom drug screening before and after an individual is hired.
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