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How it Works

A Good Employee provides an easy to use
the system to make the screening process for hiring simple. From registration to hiring, our
friendly customer service team is available to guide you through the background check process.
Our simple steps ensure you are FCRA compliant and give you the information you need to hire a
good employee.

The Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires us to certify that you’re using the
report for the right reasons. Before ordering your first report, we’ll be in touch with you to
verify with you that you are running a report strictly for employment purposes. If needed, we’ll
also personally guide you through our system.

Once you’re registered, you can order background screening reports at any time directly
from your account. We’ve conveniently bundled the reports that are most commonly ordered, but we
can also create a customized package upon request that fits your employment needs. Depending on
your industry and company size, you may want to schedule a free consultation with us, to set up
the best package possible for your company.

Are you planning to order more than one report? We also offer volume pricing that
will help you save on screening. Contact
for special pricing and reports.

A Good Employee’s quick turnaround times help make your hiring process extremely
efficient. As soon as a report is available you’ll be notified via email to access it in your
account where you can easily manage candidates.

 Some reports can be accessed almost instantly. For example, a previous address
history or nationwide criminal search will come back within minutes. More extensive
reporting that involves manually checking court records or verifying resume items
is completed in only 3-5 business days.

A Good Employee’s easy to understand reports simplify the screening process for
hiring. Use your account dashboard to view and print reports available.

Need assistance? Our friendly customer service can explain each report to help you
make an intelligent hiring decision. We’ll also provide you with FCRA compliant guidelines and
adverse decision letters to ensure you are following appropriate regulations.

After you make your hiring decision, your account dashboard will allow you to access
your report history and billing statements. We make it easy to order, decide, and manage.

Excellent Customer Support

Contact us to get help with ordering or understanding a report. We can
point you in the right direction!

FCRA Compliant Experts

We stay up to date on new state and federal laws to make sure our
reports and procedures remain complaint.

Quick Turnarounds

Our turnaround time is among the fastest in our industry, so you’ll
quickly get the answers you need on a candidate.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our reports to your industry and company size, so you’ll
receive only the reports you need to make a smart decision.

In-Depth and Accurate Searches

Our searches use multiple databases and court record researchers to
obtain the most accurate data available.

Integrated with ATS Systems

We make the hiring process even more seamless by integrating our
background screening reports into your ATS System.