Annual Background Checks Help Create a Safe Workplace

Annual Background Checks Help Create a Safe Workplace

Employee Background CheckYou are excited to welcome your new employee into your company with open arms; because you have shown your due diligence by conducting a background search, you are confident that he/she has the required qualifications and that they will not present a threat to your company. In today’s ever-changing world, however, more and more companies are conducting post-hire screenings in order to avoid risk. Background checks are only effective on an employee as of the date of the report. Although conducting a background check at the hiring stage is a great first step, it is feasible that the new employee could commit a crime or have their driver’s license suspended during their employment with your organization. Reoccurring background checks are good business practice for certain positions. Conducting checks at regular intervals helps protect your company by ensuring a more secure workforce. Maintaining a safe work environment for all employees is of paramount importance to all business owners.

Does the Employee’s job Description Include Driving for the Company?

If this is the case, you should consider running annual driving records. A car accident, while the employee was on company time, no matter how minor, could result in a very expensive settlement if it was discovered that the employee’s license had been suspended or there was a DUI since the last driving record was requested. Of course, you would want to have a copy of the employee’s auto insurance policy.

Will the Employee Be Responsible for Children or the Elderly?

Ongoing screenings for coaches, volunteers, counselors, and educators have been prompted by increased concern for the safety of our children. Caregivers working with the elderly or others requiring assisted living also require annual background checks.

Employee Changing Positions.

When an employee is being considered for a promotion, an updated, the more comprehensive search should be considered. When a position requiring a certain level of education or certification in a specific trade it would be wise for the employer to verify the employee’s credentials before a promotion is offered. Interviews also should be conducted with coworkers and managers to get a strong understanding of how the individual may fit in with his or her new role in the company.

Post-employment checks are an effective risk management tool. As with pre-employment screenings, employers who conduct post-employment screenings are also bound to the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. An employer must adhere to the Adverse Action Process if any information from the background check will have a negative impact on the future of the employee’s employment with the company.

If your organization decides to add reoccurring employee background checks you will have to make it clear in your policy that you intend to perform these additional checks. It is wise to secure the employee’s signed permission utilizing the proper disclosure and authorization forms each time a report is run. Conducting these checks at set intervals will help to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

While pre-employment background checks minimize the risk of bad hiring decisions, post-employment checks minimize your company’s exposure to risk over the long term. With increasing frequency, companies are deciding to conduct regular background checks on some or all of their employees. A Good Employee will be happy to review your policy and make suggestions if needed. We conduct policy and application review at no cost to your organization.

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